the wolf || Auto Faucet

Auto Pay To FaucetHub

Our Auto Faucet Automatically Pays You At Regular Interval. You Don't Have To Do Anything Except Opening The Tab And Maintaining Limits. All You Have To Do Enter Your Faucethub Address Bellow And Login To The Autofaucet Page.

We'll never share your address with anyone else.

This faucet requires your address to be linked to a FaucetHUB account)

Referral link: currency address&Rc=Your_Currency and get 10% from his earning
(rotator owners, please append &rotator=YOUR_ROTATOR_NAME to the URL)

Properties of this auto-faucet

  1. After starting the faucet you need to keep open the page in order to receive coins. If you close it the faucet will stop sending you any coins.
  2. Once you click on the Claim button and complete the short-link, you will be allocated 60 Auto claims, the Auto faucet will stop sending you coins after 60 claims. To recharge your auto-claims you have to complete Short-links


  1. You should bookmark this page but never bookmark the auto-claim page, otherwise, you may be banned. If you get banned by mistakes, please contact us.
  2. Don't use any script or external tool to cheat us, our intelligent tool may detect you and may ban.